IPEI Annual Adult Spelling Bee Teams


Confirmed Teams for IPEI’s 17th Annual Adult Spelling Bee:

  • Board of Ed Buzz
  • Caroline Bee-tniks
  • Ithaca Wegmans
  • The Eurypterrifics
  • Beankeepers
  • Highway to Spell
  •  A Doctor, a Lawyer & a Sea Captain walk into a spelling bee….
  • The Bees kNEES
  • Parental Prowess
  • The Chomskbees
  • IHS Bee-T-A
  • Ghoti
  • The BJM SpellCasters
  • The Spellicans
  • #icsdlibs
  • LACS Alternative Spellerz
  • The Spell Sesquicentennials
  • Ithaca Teachers Association
  • Westhill <Ortho>Graphics
  • Bunco Bees
  • We Spell Krazy Good
  • Slightly Better Than Autocorrect
  • Team Cobra
  • Family Buzzers
  • y=mx+bee
  • Belle Spellers
  • Hi-Loehr-ious Spell-Loehrs
  • Fine Arts “Word” Boosters


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$2,326 raised
$1000 goal

Ithaca, NY
10 Champions
60 Contributions
Campaign Complete.